In and around Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, Aug15

In and around Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, Aug15

In August 2015 I had the opportunity to visit the Republic of Georgia. This Caucus country is a wedge shaped country neatly sitting under Russia and above Turkey.

These images capture a few days I spent in the capital, Tbilisi and a short 1/2 day trip to a UNESCO site featuring two Monasteries (details of this in image notes).

Tbilisi has several faces, from ancient churches and the underlying glue of the Georgian Orthodox Church, the Soviet influence still evident, the Old Town with its mix of colourful buildings interspersed with back alleys of aging, crumbling buildings with flaking paint and time worn doors, to some amazing modern architecture of the Public Service Hall, Bridge of Peace and concert hall to name a few.

Cap this off with a friendly people, public safety and you have a place that provides a wonderful place to explore and photograph the rich tapestry.

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