A walk in the Lockyer Valley

A walk in the Lockyer Valley

August 8, 2012 was a bright sunny day and ideal for taking a short drive and heading off to explore some bush. The location was Lockyer Creek. This was one of several creeks that had large volumes of water rushing down them following a torrential downpour in January 11, 2011.

The region has an old sandstone as its bedrock and in commercially minded and sold as Helidon Sandstone. This is also the name given to the type of sandstone and has been aged at around 250 million years old.

The day, alternating between walking the creekline, scrambling up a steep cliff and again meandering along Alice Creek back to its confluence with Lockyer Creek. provided a wonderful mix on landscape and closeup photography. In some parts many hours could easily be spent filling up a memory card with images.

Here I present a selection of the 120 or so pictures I took that day using my new compact camera, a Panasonic Lumx TZ20 for those who have a technical interest.

Click images for larger and to enter gallery view and notes on each image. At the bottom of this page is a voting option to rate this gallery if you wish to or just leave a comment.


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