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A cemetery seems like an odd place to go to take photos, but I find the peace and quiet relaxing. Plus it is a place of acknowledgement, not only of the lives that are memorialised there as I wander through the grounds, reading the inscriptions on the headstones and becoming part of the local history of man. There is also the visual feast of  the skill of the stonemason that is on display.

There are those who look at me oddly when I say I am going to the cemetery, but I am not doing some form of desecration. But by note photographing any identifiable names, there are many wonderful aspects to photograph.

Of course there are the times, when totally engrossed in the moment when composing a shot, that someone walks up behind you unheard, and say “Hello!”

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Corindi Beach, NSW Jan13

Corindi Beach, NSW Jan13

Traveling on major roads means rapid travel between locations, but also means missing out on dozens of interesting spots that lay just off the road.

One such spot is a dormitory settlement serving Coffs Harbour and Grafton: Corindi Beach.

Featuring long expanses of beach, it also serves as a useful point to explore settlements to the north and south.

One good factor for beachcombers and photographers, are the low reefs that extend from the low headland. Exposed at low tide, the reefs also provide an ongoing resource for high tide remnants of underwater communities.

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